Antibiotic Properties Of Garlic

There are many claimed medical benefits of garlic. But there is one scientific proven fact and that is that garlic can be used as an antibiotic. One thing I stress when writing is this is just one antibiotic and there could be other more powerful antibiotics you can use so before trying to self treat with garlic you are going to want to consult your doctor and see if this would be the best treatment option available for you.

When using any antibiotic it is important to use the right dosage this is why you should contact your doctor when looking to take an antibiotic to see the health benefits and health risks of using certain antibiotics. I will tell you one of the health risks here and that is getting a bad digestive track if you take more garlic then is needed for your body. Another problem is irritation this can happen if you eat to much garlic. There are some bad sides of garlic but the good sides is it is a proven medicine that will help you to get better from infection for certain infections just ask your doctor to prescribe you a certain dosage of garlic pills and you will be able to take it that way to ensure you are getting the proper dosage of garlic and not causing any harm to the body.

One thing to note is that penicillin is a much stronger antibiotic while garlic can cure some woes it is important to know penicillin can cure much more problems because researchers’ studies say its 99% stronger then garlic. Keep that in mind when wanting to just use some house hold garlic to treat an infected wound because you could get an infection which could lead to amputation.

One method of treatment could be to wash hands with garlic soap to disinfect but this is just one use there are many other uses out there you can use to start disinfecting. Ask your doctor which disinfectant would be best for your home so you can know what kind of stuff you should have in your home to kill fungous and germs and even viruses.

Viruses can cause you to get sick that is why it is important to stay away from viruses and keep your house clean with disinfectant. Not all disinfectants work the same so ask a doctor which disinfectant would be best for your home and life. Always clean your hands before eating to help avoid germs getting into the mouth. Not all germs wash off with soap so that is why it is important to use disinfectant.





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