Black Garlic

Black GarlicWondering what black garlic is? Well it is garlic prepared in a certain way. It is the color black hence the name black garlic. Not all garlic is black but this treated garlic is it has good taste but not the same as garlic and some health claims that say it will help your health. Whether you are trying black garlic for the first time or not for the first time you are going to want to try a little at first and not eat too much because this can cause you to get a bad digestive track as the same with regular garlic.

If you want to make the garlic yourself you are going to want to take allot of time because it is made by cooking it slowly at a very high temperature and that is what makes it black instead of the usual color. The way I suggest having this done is to buy it online or at a local specialty shop. The United States and Korea sell it so if you live in one of those two places you should be able to get your hands on the tasty black garlic.

When taking the black garlic to cook with food don’t expect it to taste the same as other garlic it will taste different but it could be a flavor you enjoy. With any new food you are going to want to make sure you are not allergic to the food before eating it so if you are allergic to regular garlic don’t eat black garlic or you may be forcing yourself to have an allergic reaction.

Now that you know what black garlic is and how to make it you should know that you may not like it but you may like it so try a taste and see if you like it. I think any food can be good with the right seasoning so garlic is no different it can be good just depending on what food that you are eating.

Look around the internet and find out what recipes you would like to use with black garlic and see what black garlic is used for and that kind of thing but make sure to get the right recipes for foods you love and not try something new every time which something new black garlic.

When you make garlic bread try it with black garlic because that can be really good and that can mean you are having a great meal. Everyone loves garlic bread well most do and I do so try out black garlic bread because I think it would be very tasty.





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