Garlic And Cholesterol

Cholesterol is something we need to live. But if the levels of cholesterol are higher then they ought to be they can cause heart attack and even stroke. These two things can be fought with medicines to help get away from the heart or stroke issues. Garlic is an antioxidant and this can help reduce cholesterol levels because it will be harder for it to continue to grow in amounts. That is what recent scientific studies have shown that being said if you and your doctor think garlic is a good idea to keep down high cholesterol then try it but don’t be afraid to try other medications that can help you lose the cholesterol as well.

Hear attack and stroke are deadly and that being said you don’t want to have one so if you go to a check up and have found out you have high cholesterol then you are going to want to get it treated right away. The same with high blood pressure which is also something that can be helped by garlic some medical studies suggest this. I would suggest not going for one thing to cure a big bad problem like this just use multiple things medicines for example that will be able to help you get rid of the high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Having more then needed garlic in the body can also cause harm to the digestive track so be careful how much you intake to cure a problem because you could just be causing another problem. All medicines have some side effects or at least most do so make sure to take a medicine or garlic if chosen by your doctor to treat high cholesterol and try to get the medicine or use garlic in small amounts to reduce the amount side effects that you are going to have.

Now that you know what garlic can do for your high cholesterol know that eating foods that cause high cholesterol is not recommended if you are having cholesterol problems. Check with your doctor to see what foods you should stay away from when having a problem with cholesterol. The foods not to eat are important so learn those fast when having a doctor visit this way you are not going to have a problem when you are having high cholesterol and have a stroke or heart attack. These problems are real and so is high cholesterol so make sure not to have a health problem have a health solution.





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