Garlic Breath And How To Cure It

Do you eat garlic allot? Well you might what is known as garlic breath. This means your breath smells like garlic and not allot of people like the smell of garlic so you are going to want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible to make sure you are not stinking up the room with your breath. Do not even though garlic can be fun to eat it can be known as the stinky rose so it is not exactly something people want in their face or in their mouth. So no kissing when having garlic right?

Well the quick answer is you need to clean your mouth. One way to clean your mouth is Listerine this can be used to cleanse most smells out of your mouth. It won’t clean your clothes so make sure to get the clothes cleaned or changed if you have garlic or stinky rose on your clothes. Garlic does taste good for some people but still you don’t want stink on you no matter what so make sure to deal with this problem right away and get fresh smelling clothes right away.

One more way to get away from garlic breath is to use gum as this can clear the mouth of smells as well. Even breath freshening spray will help but Listerine I think is the best option when trying to clear the garlic breath out of your mouth. Try all these methods and see which works the best for you. I think all will help so now you know what garlic breathe is and how to get rid of it.

Some people think milk would help but I don’t think it would. Just use any mouth cleaning product you got handy to get rid of garlic breath. Listerine is cheap and also kills germs so try that. You can buy Listerine at the store like Walmart or online. Google search Listerine and you will find some products to buy so buy some if you are planning to have some garlic products for breakfast or lunch or even dinner.

Not all products work as good as Listerine so keep that in mind. I use Listerine on a daily basis and that makes my breath smell fresh and clean and I also brush my teeth. Don’t let food invade your friends with smells you don’t want coming out of your mouth. The Listerine will also make you healthier so that is why this is your best option. Try it out and let your fellow garlic eaters know if it works good for you. I know it will so go ahead and try it out today just don’t eat garlic if you are allergic or in excess as it can cause real bodily harm.





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