Garlic For the Cold And Flu

The cold and flu do not have cures just treatments to reduce and stop symptoms. Affecting the immune system in a positive way can help reduce the amount of problems you are going to have from having the cold or flu. The cold or flu can cause other problems so strengthening the immune system as soon as you realize your sick is important to make sure that you are not going to get sicker. Don’t follow all advice unless suggested by your doctor so call your doctor and get some advice if you have a cold or flu to see what you can do to stop the disease from spreading from your to your family or friends.

It is best to avoid all friends and family when having the cold or flu. The reason is both viruses can spread that being said you don’t want to have your friends get sick to because it could cost them days out of school or days out of work. Both can cause problems in a person’s life you can miss an important test or get fired for missing so much work. So just stay home alone and have your husband or wife stay out of the room and no kissing while you are sick to make sure you are not going to be passing the disease out to your family or spouse.

Now more on garlic and cold and flu the reason garlic helps because the garlic is said to improve the immune system giving your body the needed strength to fight off infection and disease like the cold or flu. Bacteria can spread allot but with garlic this will work to slow down that or stop that. Garlic is something that kills bacteria and fungus and viruses so there is no surprise that is can stop the problems coming into your life from the flu or cold are both viruses.

So now that you know why it helps you make sure to contact your doctor and see how much you should eat or how many garlic pills you should take to start feeling better and what method of treatment you should have whether you have the cold or flu. Running a temperature is a big problem and can lead to major health issues so make sure to attack this problem with multiple solutions. Taking cold or flu medicine over the counter can be one way to get away from these viruses and that being said don’t be afraid to take garlic and other medicines that will help you as you should be doing this when you are sick.





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