Garlic Health Benefits

Besides garlic being something good to put in your food there are a few things that garlic can help with. One garlic health benefit is to use it as an antibiotic of course consult your physician before just taking garlic as an antibiotic or for any other self treatment. When treating yourself you must realize even though garlic has been told to work for problems like high blood pressure and even high cholesterol you should not just follow your own advice when it comes to treating yourself you should follow a professionals advice so keep that in mind.

One way the garlic can benefit your health is to lower cholesterol this is still something people are doing research on and it is true that it can help but your doctor may have another method that can help lower your cholesterol with a pill or change in diet. Maintaining blood pressure is also important and if your doctor suggests garlic to treat your high blood pressure by all means you can experiment with this form of treatment.

One thing to keep in mind is that so much garlic more then you need can damage your body. So if you are going to start taking garlic as a health remedy then you will want to make sure you are taking the right amount. Some researchers say that taking 7 grams of raw garlic a day is a good idea. That could be too much for you and you can run into even more bodily harm if you are allergic to garlic.

For safety reasons I will go over some of the side effects of being allergic to garlic so you can know what to expect if eating or using garlic and having a garlic allergy. One symptom of an allergy to rash is throwing up another is rash and hives and swelling of the face throat and anaphylaxis. If you have any of these symptoms of being allergic to garlic after you have eaten some garlic you should know it is time to go to the doctor right away and if you are feeling swelling of the throat something that can cause the air way to be shut off you should contact a emergency number as needed if you feel this is an emergency.

Ask your friends to help you decide if garlic health benefits outweigh the side effects one of which is irritation and damage to the tract that your body uses to digest. Either way garlic can be very helpful the problem is mainly not to use so much that it causes irritation and body issues. Keep trying stuff to help your health but remember there is another great way to stay healthy and that is to exercise and eat right and have a healthy life style meaning no smoking or drinking.





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