Growing Garlic

There are many reasons to grow garlic and one of those reasons are to save money from when you are shopping. It is arguable whether or not you save money because the cost of water dirt and all that but in the long run I do believe that you are able to save money because you are able to grow more plants from one plant and that will give you allot of cloves that will grow allot of garlic.

One clove is used to grow one garlic plant. The garlic plant grows only one bulb. That being said you are going to want to grow multiple cloves from the bulbs which contain many cloves to make sure you are going to have enough garlic to go around when having the cooking done you don’t want to run out of fresh garlic because then after the work of growing all of it you will have to buy some which would not be fun at all.

When your garlic is ready to come out of the ground all the leaves will turn brownish color and fall off when that happens you are going to want to make sure to harvest all of the crop that this is happening to it means the garlic is ready. There is a small warning I want to go over when eating so much garlic is that it can harm the digestive track of the body and also cause irritation which can lead to feeling bad which is no good for anyone.

Now that you know how to grow garlic you want to grow garlic somewhere where it has some room to grow. Don’t bunch up all the plants together because this will cause you to get them stuck together or running into each other. I have grown many plants and that can be the case. Sometimes it’s good to grow close together but just not so close they have no room and you are damaging the garlic when you are watering it.

Always water gently to avoid exposing the roots because doing that can cause the plant to go into shock. If a plant goes into shock then it can die. So that being said you should be very careful when watering plants to make sure the roots are all covered up and you are not going to have a problem with after growing your garlic that it would die.





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