When To Plant Garlic

If you are wondering when a good time to plant garlic would be it would be the warmer months in the year where you live. Make sure they harvest before winter that way the cold does not damage the garlic at all. The cold can damage the plant and ruin the garlic so make sure to plant it in the first warm month and harvest before the cold gets there. Don’t have a month that is warm close to other months that are warm where you live? Well in that case grow in a warmed green house they aren’t that expensive and can help make sure your plants you are going to be protected and your garlic is going to grow from a clove to a garlic plant.

The way colder weather messes up the garlic is the cold weather makes the bulbs smaller which means less garlic for you. The warmer months the garlic matures to the right size and is able to give you allot of garlic out of each and every single bulb. The bulbs can be so small when it gets into the cold weather that it is not even worth growing it. So just grow either in a warm protected green house or inside of a warm ground that stays warm for several months out of the year in a row while the cloves are growing into bulbs underneath the ground.

Now that you know when to plant garlic you may want to know how much garlic to grow. Since you don’t really want to freeze garlic because it will lose that fresh taste you are going to only want to grow enough that you need for a meal or three. That way you can eat the garlic you like but not have rotten garlic that you are going to have to throw away. If you can’t grow the garlic around the meals you want then you are going to want to buy garlic either online or at Walmart.

Also when buying garlic make sure it is not in oil at all because this can cause a deadly problem when stored in oil at room temperature. So it is best only to put garlic in oil if it is not at room temperature to make sure you are not going to have a health problem. Garlic can have a great taste and be even better for you then the taste alone so make sure to try it out on some of your favorite foods just make sure not to eat so many that you end up getting a digestive track problem or even irritation.





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